Trusting Trey: A Christmas Baby Romance (The Sugar Series)

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Trusting Trey: A Christmas Baby Romance (The Sugar Series)

By Katie Mettner

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This is a companion novel and can be read as a stand-alone. Past... Trey Helton moved to Duluth to work as a prosthetist for the local hospital. Leaving behind a personal tragedy, he knew Duluth would be the place he could make a new life and start to heal. Allison Drakos was a college senior ready to graduate from the University of Minnesota Duluth. Going to school and working part-time filled her days, but Allison still found time to enjoy her last year with her sorority sisters, until the unthinkable happened. Beaten and left for dead, her rescuer was the only person her heart let her trust. Determined to adjust to life in a wheelchair Allison put on a brave front, but the only place she truly felt safe was in Trey's arms. Present… Christmas Eve is a special day for Trey and Allison Helton. Not only is it the day they fell in love with each other, but also the day, six years ago, that they married. Their Christmas Eve routine has stayed the same for the last twelve years, but this year will be different. This is the year Allison will make all of Trey's dreams come true. Future… By next Christmas Eve will Trey and Allison be holding a new reason to celebrate a life full of possibilities?

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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages

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