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COLD TEARS: A Trask Brothers Murder Mystery

By C.E. Nelson

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She stepped into nothing...

     A woman's body found at the base of a cliff. Her identity unknown. Sheriff Dave Trask investigates but has nothing to tell him how or why she went over the cliff or who she is. And then, a month later, another woman is found dead in the same location. This time a park ranger familiar with the area. Trask suspects a link between the deaths but can find nothing. The second woman's boyfriend disappears, and the investigation into the deaths drags. Were they accidents - or murder? 

     Trask's fears and frustrations mount until he sees no option but to do something he thought he'd never do, putting his wife and daughter in danger. 

Readers of Sanford, Connelly, Patterson, and alike will enjoy this gripping and fast-paced murder mystery detective thriller.

Praise from Trask Brothers readers:

"Best Trask Brothers Mystery yet! Couldn't put it down." - Early reviewer of Cold Tears

"Fast and Exciting. If you are a Sanford fan you will become a Nelson follower." - Mrs. M

"My first Nelson read. I'll be back for more." - Kindle Customer

"I was hooked after the first chapter." - Kindle Reader


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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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