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Kruyology. : The Meaning of Life

By Drew Kruyer

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Love and Fear can be acknowledged once again, thanks to Kruyology, putting the meaning back into life.

Change your world and together WE WILL change the world. There Is no option hereafter.

In such a time of distortion and confusion which some call the ‘modern world’, you would not disagree that the only thing that seems to have gone backwards is mankind itself.

‘Devolution’ seems to be in full swing and it seems to be happening because of a missing model of understanding, themed here as Kruyology.

Love and Fear - considering the absolute power they have in the results of everything we are and do, continues to be ignored, abused, and ridiculed in society.

Society impedes our growth by its ignorance of the reality of Love and Fears absolutely unarguable attachment to mental Health.

In every century gone by people were encouraged to open their minds and take a look inside, to explore their thoughts and question their basic operating system.

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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages