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Those Three Words

By Alexis Winter

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I never thought getting fired from my dream job would change my life.
And I certainly never imagined three little words would be my undoing
Trust me—they’re not the words you’re thinking.
Those three delicious, toe-curling words whispered by my boss were where it all changed.

When budget cuts at my local school leave me scrambling to find a job before I get evicted, I stumble upon the listing of a lifetime.
How hard can being a live-in nanny for a little five year old girl be?
Especially when it’s double the salary and comes with a sexy, single dad.

But the moment I step inside Graham Hayes multi-million dollar estate and meet the grumpy billionaire—I know I’m in way over my head.

It’s not just that he’s quite possibly the most attractive man I’ve ever seen, it’s the way he stares at me like it takes everything he has to keep from devouring me.

The way he curls his hands into fists to avoid touching me.
The way he reprimands me through gritted teeth while his lust filled eyes burn through me.
The naughty things he whispers against my lips as his hands explore me.

Way over my head.

Caring for his daughter is a dream—even his mother loves me.
Soon, I’m head over heels in this fantasy I’m living.
I’m even able to ignore the cryptic threats from his house-keeper who’s hellbent on getting me fired.

But I’m not prepared for the world of high-powered billionaires and glitzy parties.
Besides, Graham isn’t like these people—he’s different.
At least, I think he is…until a shady character I’ve tried to leave in the past reappears as Graham’s new business partner and I’m reminded that I don’t belong in this world.

Sometimes life changing news comes in the form of just three simple words.
Sometimes it comes in the form of an unexpected, heart-wrenching secret and the fairytale is shattered.
Sometimes, it comes in the form of the opportunity of a fresh new start.

You just have to be willing to take the risk and walk away or maybe…there’s three little words that can fix it all.


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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages

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