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The Ultimate Puppy Training Book : A guide to training a well-behaved puppy with love and positive reinforcement

By James Austin Vanderbilt

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The Ultimate Puppy Training Book will dive deep into the correct training approach and methods that will allow your pup to flourish day by day. It will provide all the fundamental tools a new puppy parent needs to be successful, while shaping a healthy and solid bond that will undoubtably last a life time! This easy to follow and comprehensive guide includes


·      Housebreaking training

·      Dog psychology, how puppies think and learn

·      Dynamic training techniques to help prevent potential mistakes when raising your pup

·      Socializing and why it’s so important

·      Healthcare essentials, nutrition and vaccinations

·      How persistent positive reinforcement will develop and mold a wonderful puppy from the start

·      Understanding your pup and knowing how they need their human companion

And more!

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ISBN: 9798416509866

Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

James Austin Vanderbilt