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Feed Me: And Other Horror Stories

By Brock Mauve

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Feed me—call it a warning, call it a promise, it’s a phrase best heeded when encountered during the shadow-filled hours between dusk and dawn.

But what happens to those who ignore this call?

This horror story collection exposes the terrors that reside in unforeseen places—from the crags of the Pacific Ocean to the depths of the human psyche. In this volume, time capsules reveal deadly secrets. Shipwrecks expose ancient terrors. Carhops witness brutal killings. And blackouts unveil frightful entities that haunt whoever witness them.

For Mauve, the line between life and death is a thin one. Take one wrong step, and you will learn this for yourself.


  • ASIN: B09RVP415V

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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