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Natasha's Prison: Healing From Your Prison I Never Knew I Was In

By Stefan Stevens

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During the early years of Harry and Natasha’s relationship, the bond of the twin flames grew stronger. Neither of the two knew that they were a twin flame. The two were inseparable and conquered all of their dreams and challenges as a team. They travelled through many parts of China. Later they decided to start a new life in Thailand. The experience of starting a new life and career motivated them more to create a secure future. They returned to China after three months.

​Their relationship was as strong as ever, and they were on the road to their next goal. Then it all changed with one incoming text message, one person and one irresistible force of nature. The events to follow are painful and psychologically dark. The runner of the twin flame ran. Through days and months of facing depression, trying to fight the depression, Harry started counselling and realized he was spinning in a room filled with his fears, doubts and insecurities. He became clinically depressed. An unfortunate turn of events triggered a point seemingly unable to return.

​Harry is telling his story of a life with Natasha as a token of paying it forward for any person in our vast world experiencing similar experiences. Not to give up but fight for your own freedom.

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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages