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The 69 Greek Rules of Seduction: How to Always Be One Step Ahead in Love and Relationships

By Bianca Gold

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A syllogism, from the Greek syllogismos, is a logical argument in which a proposition is inferred from two others. It's composed of three parts: the major premise, the minor premise and the conclusion inferred from the premises.The syllogism is Aristotle’s most famous contribution to logic and because any valid argument must take the form of a syllogism; his work in analyzing syllogisms provides a basis for analyzing arguments and prove rigorously whether they are true or false, valid or invalid.Based on the same study about syllogisms and their practical application to life, you have here an analysis of relationships in modern times. The principles applied come from deductive reasoning as understood in the greek culture.Along this line of reasoning, the book provides answers to the most common questions all women have in what regards men, how to understand them and even how to control them, combining a total of 69 syllogisms related to attraction, behavior, communication, dating and love.The insights provided by the greeks on all these topics will give you an advantage that will make any other woman jealous. It is based on this knowledge, deeply rooted into the greek culture, that greek women have become known as irresistible for their charm and capacity to seduce through words and gestures.

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