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The Art of Galactic War: A Guide to Conquer a Humanoid Planet in 30 Steps

By Brandon Goldentree

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As a Master of the Art of Galactic War, you’re not supposed to have or feel empathy for any race on a planet and humanoids are not exception to the rule. Upon approaching one of their planets, you’ll immediately notice that habits have been formed out of their structures of thought, which are often based on emotions, except in cases in which a blend of cybernetic material with human tissue has led to form a new tendency. In a transitional stage you may find these beings depending on electronic devices in a daily basis. Avoid an attachment to this net of paradigms, which often promote hallucination and dementia! Humanoids are naturally drawn by emotional-based instincts due to their genetic background and to worship etheric values, as well as godly images which aren’t corresponding to the unlimited laws of the universe. This tendency creates huge setbacks that delay the progress of our galaxy. Therefore, enslavement comes as a natural procedure of the order when the species cannot promote truthful life by itself. Each species has its own delusional and unstable tendencies that must be controlled. This is the manual that shall allow it.

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Book Length: Short Story – 0-60 Pages

Brandon Goldentree