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Above Top Secret

By Timothy Good

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That UFOs – unidentified flying objects – exist has been scorned as vehemently as it has been argued.

Timothy Good logically, calmly and rigorously examines the evidence. In this sensational book he presents a case which proves beyond reasonable doubt that UFOs are not the figments of crazed imaginations: he has interviewed dozens of convincing witnesses, seen hundreds of declassified governmental papers. More importantly, perhaps, he reveals the extraordinary extent to which politicians in Britain, the USA, and Europe have sought to suppress the facts, to dismiss sightings and yet to retain on file reports and documents. Why, he asks, should such lengths be taken over hoaxes and delusions …

Earl Mountbatten of Burma was convinced, President Jimmy Carter wrote of a sighting, Winston Churchill demanded an enquiry. Dozens of responsible airmen have testified. A man out fishing one night in Hampshire was invited into a spacecraft and describes it clearly. Pranksters may be dismissed. This book, crammed as it is with the testimonies of responsible men and women, cannot.

Above Top Secret is the most astonishing book about extraterrestrials and their potential threat to our security ever written – the more so because of its author’s rational, sober and immaculately documented approach.

Timothy Good has broadcast and lectured on his subject for several years and is the author of one previous book. Above Top Secret is the synthesis of all his previous researches. Timothy Good is also a professional violinist.

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