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Drone Adventure: Children's Rhyming Book About Drone Safety Rules

By Chris Mather

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Follow a dad as he teaches his kids how to fly drones safely.

Flying drones can be exciting and a lot of fun, and even young kids can do it – as long as they know the fundamental drone safety rules, like keeping away from airports, cars, roads, and people, or not flying at night. That’s why one dad decides to teach drone safety rules to his children, and the drone adventure begins!

This book is perfect for:
    Young kids who love to fly drones
    Kids interested in new emerging technology
    Ideal for a bedtime story, the classroom or library
    A gift to a young kid who is interested in drones
    Parents who own drones and want to teach their kids drone rules
    Families who love to fly drones as a family activity

Some of the features of the book:
    Easy to read rhyming children's book
    Easy to understand safety rules
    Introduces young kids to drone safety rules and regulations
    Beautiful hand-drawn colour illustrations
    Word search puzzle to help with keywords
    Link to the Drone Safety Song
    A little surprise on each illustrated page

For kids aged 5 to 10 and an excellent resource for schools, teachers and parents.

Drones flying, excited kids laughing, and the best family time ever!

"Drone Adventure" is a simple but effective book to help kids understand basic drone safety rules.

Written by Chris Mather and published by Bendigo Aerial, a commercial drone operator on a mission to share their passion with young kids.



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ASIN: B097268V7R

Book Length: Short Story – 0-60 Pages

Chris Mather