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Night Terrors Vol. 1: Short Horror Stories Anthology

By Scare Street

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An old woman’s obsession with youth leads her to purchase a cursed appliance from a sinister antique shop. A new homeowner discovers her property comes with a deadly addition. And dark forces stalk a troop of innocent boy scouts when they spend the night on a haunted aircraft carrier…

Scare Street delves into the darkness to bring you a new collection of spine-tingling terror. This diabolical tome is bursting with thirteen sinister stories of supernatural horror, featuring ghastly ghosts, cold-blooded killers, and fiendish visions torn from your worst fears.

Just be careful you don’t lose track of time as you meander through this shadowy landscape of dreams and nightmares. Because once the sun sets, something waits for you in the darkness of night.

And if it finds you, you may never see daylight again…

This bone-chilling supernatural collection contains:

1. Cool Air by Peter Cronsberry
2. The Presentation by Tarphy W. Horn
3. The Homeowner's Guide to Sanity by K. M. McKenzie
4. Retrospective: Florne's Ghost by Emil Pellim
5. 7734 by Ryan Benson
6. Aisle 3 by Rosie O'Carroll
7. Pumpkin Patch by C. B. Channell
8. The Third Father by A. M. Todd
9. Troop 94’s Last Scouting Trip by Karl Melton
10. Play It, Win It, Kill It by J. M. White
11. Satan's Town by Bob Johnston
12. Everything as It Was by Warren Benedetto
13. Summer Camp by Ron Ripley

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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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