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A Distant Miralce

By Lorraine Solheim

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Eight months into her blissful marriage, Catherine Benton, pregnant with their first child, is forced to deal with the unthinkable. The death of her husband. Over the next several years, while still struggling with her grief, she devotes herself to raising their son, and focusing on the business that has become her passion.
When a mysterious and sexy man arrives in town, he tries to keep a low profile. But when he begins to make a name for himself doing home renovations, it becomes increasingly difficult to fade into the background.
When Catherine’s friends hear about the handsome, enigmatic bachelor, they encourage her to seek him out, but she isn’t interested.
Will her plan to avoid him work? And if not, will she wish it had?


  • ISBN: 979-8985245332

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages

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