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Blood Price (New Breed Book 1)

By Melody Raven

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Tela was still marching toward Queens Club, but John knew it was about ten blocks away, in District Four. A long walk for a mortal who hadn’t just suffered massive blood loss. For Tela, it would be near impossible.
“Just like… professional, right? You don’t get off when carrying wounded women around the city, do you?”
“Get off?”
She rolled her eyes. “I swear, you don't know the simplest things. All right, fine. For the sake of my sister, you can carry me. But you better not be enjoying it.”
“I wouldn’t think of it.” He held one arm out.
She sighed skeptically. “What am I supposed to do with that?”
Unintentionally, he smiled at her question. He couldn’t think of a way to explain it without being more awkward than this already was, so instead he moved to close the distance between them until the arm he had stretched went behind her back along her shoulder blades. From there, he bent enough so his other arm could go behind her knees, and then he straightened, turning her in his arms as he went until he was cradling her against his chest.
Despite himself, he was abruptly able to understand what she meant by “get off.” Maybe Dante had been right. John thought he was being regimented and strict by keeping himself away from some of the more tempting offerings of this world, but his body was obviously still controlling him. If he wasn’t gaining any more control over his base instincts, what was the point of rising above temptation?
He saw her. He wanted her. And he paid for her.

Vampires aren't real. That's what Tela has always believed. Always known. But everything changes when the violent blood drinkers take over her home of Seattle and cut off the city from any outside help. Without any food or supplies she has only one option: Cooperate with the new regime and offer her blood in exchange for a comfortable life for her and her sister.

John came to Seattle for an escape. For freedom. For the possibility of a future. Policing the humans should be easy. They're smaller, weaker and, well, prey. But when he Tela is assigned to him, things are different. He isn't satiated by the taste of her blood. He hungers for so much more. More than she can give him and more than she can ever give him. Not while she's been bought and paid for by him.

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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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