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The Oregon Chase

By Jesse Storm

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Trip Waller is the best bounty hunter
Oregon has to offer. He strives to keep the little town of Sumpter safe from
outlaws during the period of constant conflict between the Indians and the


The love of his life is native woman Keema,
and Trip feels that their relationship is blossoming into something beautiful.


One day, Keema’s people are attacked by
Christopher Long and his gang. Long previously worked for the government before
being suspended from his duties due to his hate for the natives and his violent
nature. Nobody expects Long to take matters into his own hands and massacre
countless natives.


When Keema’s chief and many of her own are
killed, she sets out on a journey to avenge her people. And who better to help
her than the most admired bounty hunter?


Together, Trip and Keema have to cross the
Oregon and chase down Long and his gang. Long will have to answer to all of the
damage he has caused. But will this finally bring about peace between Indians
and white people?

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Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages