The Grant Cardone Rebuttal Manual: Learn to Handle Any Objection

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The Grant Cardone Rebuttal Manual: Learn to Handle Any Objection

By Grant Cardone

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From a serial entrepreneur who has closed over $500M in sales he owns & operates seven eight-figure companies, including world’s largest business & entrepreneur conference, and a $2B.B portfolio of multifamily propertiescomes a no-BS guide to getting everything you want out of your business, relationships, and life.

Learn to professionally handle any and all objections anywhere in the sales process. Whether it happens over the phone on a cold call or in the qualification, the negotiations, the close or the follow up.
Whatever It Takes conquer what’s holding you back from the business you’ve always dreamed about.
and the life you’ve always wanted.


  • Over 100 Closes
  • 205 Pages of High-Quality, Perfect Bound Real Life Responses
  • Amazing rebuttals and responses to everyday objections

You will master Grant Cardone's codification of how to close any sale by handling complaints and objections.

Drill on Grant Cardone's “Listen, acknowledge, isolate, validate, probe, tie down, justify and close” steps until you Perfect and Master the Objection.

Some of the objections The Grant Cardone Rebuttal Manual covers:
You need to set an appointment.
I don’t know you.
We are not buying anything today.
We need to shop around.
It’s too much money.
We don’t want to put any money down.
Not doing anything till next year.

Some of the closes The Grant Cardone Rebuttal Manual teaches:
The Handshake Close
The Congratulations Close
Selection Alternative Close
Payment Breakdown Close
The Justifier Close
Price Guarantee Close

Pages Content

  • Objections in Prospecting (Door or Phone)
  • Objections In Greetings
  • Objections in Qualifying
  • Objections In Presentation
  • Objections to Proposal
  • Objections to Close
  • Objections in Follow-up
  • Basic Closes
  • Affordability Objections
  • Difference Objections Closes
  • Down Payment Closes
  • Money Closes
  • Payment Closes
  • Product Closes
  • Stall Closes
  • Time Closes
  • Too Much Money Closes
  • Demonstration Objections
  • General Objections
  • Greeting Objections
  • Write-Up Objections
  • Cold Call Objections
  • Its Closer's Survival Guide which goes Over 100 Ways to Ink the Deal

Paperback Books

  • ASIN: B09SFK245L

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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