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The Haunting of Alicia Hawkins: A Riveting Haunted House Mystery Boxset

By Clay Wise

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Recently widowed, Alicia Hawkins can no longer live in the New York apartment she shared with her husband. She leaves the city behind for a small fishing village in Duxbridge, Massachusetts, where she purchases a rundown house the locals have dubbed Blackwater Cottage. But the quiet life and beautiful views are disrupted by secret notes and unexplained phenomena. During renovations, Alicia discovers an old leather-wrapped diary hidden between the studs of a bedroom wall. She can’t help but wonder who it belonged to and why the locals are so determined to get her to leave, but the diary may hold the answers to Blackwater Cottage’s disturbing history.

The Haunting of Brandt Manor

The complicated history of the Brandt Mansion has been long forgotten.

Few in the small, remote town of Tibbetts, Connecticut even remember the estate and the insidious events that took place years earlier. Struggling with writer’s block and a tight deadline for his new novel, David Pragmore suggests a retreat away from Hartford to his wife, Susan, in order to find fresh inspiration. The publishers want David’s new book to shine in the horror genre, so when David reads about the odd manor with a haunted past, it seems like the perfect place to recapture his muse. But David and Susan quickly discover that some stories aren’t meant to be told.

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