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To Heal A Heart: A Sweet Romance With Just a Hint of Spice! (Second Chances DO Happen!)

By Pat Adeff

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Cate has been hurt more times at romance than anyone should ever be hurt.
Then she meets Dr. Derek Coburn.
Does showing up at the ER if there is nothing wrong with her count as a date?
Just asking ...

This is the story of Cate Adams and Dr. Derek Coburn from Take Another Chance - Book 1 in the Second Chances DO Happen! series.
After watching her mom's devastation from a divorce, Cate vows to never let a man get that close to HER.
So, it's no surprise when her dating life turns out to be lackluster (severe understatement!)
That is until she meets Dr. Derek Coburn, a hunky emergency physician extraordinaire.
Both of them have been hurt in the past. Yet, something stronger than their fear of being hurt draws them together.
Unfortunately, life has that funny way of throwing up roadblocks when least expected.
Can their love overcome outside factors set on destroying them?
Do they dare take another chance?
Sometimes taking that leap just seems too painful ...

To Heal A Heart is a contemporary clean and wholesome romance about a young woman who finally finds love with a billionaire emergency room doctor. Her extended family actually gives them the opportunity to meet after her sister's minor motorcycle accident. Add in a K-9 rescue shelter and some hunky war veterans for all the feels!
There is a bit of spice in their romance, and a few swoon-worthy kisses, but no explicit words.
And, as with all Pat Adeff’s books, there’s a wedding at the end!


ISBN: 9781734435276

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Book Length: 150-320 Pages

Pat Adeff