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Counteract the Fat

By DeShond D Barnes

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Junk food is so loved by many. What is not loved are the associated medical conditions & weight gain. Over time, research findings have been made by scientists at institutions across America & abroad. These research findings have indicated that fiber & antioxidants can mitigate the health risks associated with junk food by counteracting the physiological effects of high-fat & other junk food. This does not mean that unlimited consumption of junk food without consequences is now possible. What it does mean is greater freedom, less restriction & a wider variety of food choices for healthy individuals. Such groundbreaking research findings include:

  • Scientists at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine discovered that a special type of fiber can promote healthy cholesterol all by itself, even in a diet containing moderate amounts of saturated fat & cholesterol. This special fiber nabs cholesterol-related acids produced by dietary fat — ushering them out of the body before they can ravage the heart & arteries.
  • Scientists at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center in Maryland discovered that fiber nabs calories before they can be absorbed & stored as fat — thus helping to promote slimness.
  • Scientists at the Cardiology Research Institute in Moscow discovered that antioxidants can neutralize oxidized lipids produced by deep-fried foods — thus inhibiting damage to blood vessels & thus lowering the risk of heart disease.
  • And MANY more groundbreaking research findings!

These research findings have been compiled in Counteract the Fat: A Nutrition Book on Research Findings That Show How Fiber & Antioxidants Can Counteract the Physiological Effects of Junk Food & Promote Nonrestrictive Weight & Cholesterol Control. The author offers healthy individuals a viable alternative to severely restrictive eating habits that stands alone as an informative, research-backed contribution to the field of dietary science. In Counteract the Fat, the author compiles research findings made by scientists at more than a dozen world-class institutions that indicate that fiber & antioxidants can mitigate the health risks associated with saturated fats & other junk food by counteracting the physiological effects of high-fat & other junk food. With easy-to-understand language, Counteract the Fat explains how fiber & antioxidants can help stave off cellular damage, illness & obesity even in a non-severely restrictive diet. Counteract the Fat is perfect for healthy adults with no history of debilitating illnesses and/or binge-eating disorders who would like to maintain their health without sacrificing their favorite indulgences.

About the Author:

DéShond D Barnes discovered the Counteract the Fat concept in the late 1990’s by poring through medical journals & nutrition publications for nearly a year, & has practiced the revolutionary Counteract the Fat methodology ever since — with incredible results! By consuming a daily diet containing an average of 100+% of the RDA for fiber & antioxidants, Barnes has maintained excellent blood cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure & body weight over the decades without sacrificing junk food favorites. This has inspired Barnes to share this information with the rest of the world by publishing Counteract the Fat more than two decades later.

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