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I Reside Here

By Michael Richan

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Ruby is terrified of the menacing girl who haunts the hallway outside her bedroom.
The ghost orders her to leave, but Ruby has nowhere else to go – her parents went missing, so she’s been sent to live with a relative she hardly knows in a strange mansion brimming with secrets. Specters haunt hidden closets, entire sections of the house have been declared off-limits, and Arthur, the young boy living with her, seems to possess a strange ability to see supernatural entities. As she discovers the mysteries of the mansion, she learns just how dire her and Arthur’s situation has become – or is it all imagined? Just paranoia? To survive, she’ll need to unlock abilities of her own and come face-to-face with the terrors that inhabit their home. 
I Reside Here is a fast-paced paranormal mystery, part of the River universe. It is a stand-alone novel; no prior reading of any other book is required in order to enjoy it. Praise for Michael Richan from Amazon readers: "Awesome ghost story with wonderful characters and a great plot!" “Truly scary.” "Finally found a book that got under my nerves!" “Couldn't put it down...wanted the story to go on and on.” “Very few authors can pull me in immediately and make me feel as though I were reading about old friends. Stephen King always has, and I can now add Michael Richan to the list.” “Some of the most delightful reading I have done in a long time.” "This was a great horror book. I absolutely loved it, and I know you will too! Keep the lights on when reading!"


  • ASIN: B09156Z8ZG

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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