Passing Through

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Passing Through

By R WK Clark

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There’s more than one vicious storm brewing in the small town of Thompson Trails. Cabin owners, Rick and Donna Welk, are the first to encounter the dark and mysterious stranger as he searches for shelter during one of the worst blizzards the town has ever seen.

There’s no need to panic. He’s just passing through.

Psychological thriller books are always a great read, but there’s something special about them when set during a snowstorm. Something about the weather makes the suspense and tension even more palpable. And that’s precisely what you’ll find in Passing Through by R WK Clark. The story follows cabin owners Rick and Donna Welk as they encounter a dark and mysterious stranger during one of the worst blizzards the town has ever seen.

As the stranger begins to weave his way into their lives, the Welks realize that there’s more than one storm brewing in Thompson Trails. Psychological thrillers are the perfect blend of suspense, mystery, and horror, and Passing Through is sure to keep you on pins and needles from beginning to end. With its suspenseful plot and unforgettable characters, you’ll be glad you decided to curl up with this one on a cold winter night.


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  • ISBN: 979-8414129493
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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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