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Alva's Story

By Cameron McVey

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A new series from the author of “Hold Still the Sky,” “Monsters of Utopia” and “Nova Sol.”

Alva Albish is an orphan. She is at the center of an epic mystery. She just doesn't know it yet. Continuing on from book one, Zenda’s Story, book two of The Curated Worlds expands on the life and confusing times of Alva Albish. She’s an adult now. She works at the Museum of Popular Culture. She’s so busy working that she has written any fanfic in a long time. Also, even though Southwest Comic Con happens just down the street, she’s never gone. “One day,” she tells herself. “One day.” Then one day something strange happens at the museum. Alva sees three ninjas skulking around. She chases after them but they vanish right in front of her. As she investigates this impossible event, her life and her world unravel. She ends up in the desert while missiles fly overhead. That’s when worlds collide.

“The Curated Worlds” is my love letter to science fiction, comic con culture and superhero fandom. In its pages I have created my own superhero-science fiction multiverse and told its most important stories. All of them.


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  • ASIN: B09B7TTL4J

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages


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