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Danger Island

By Cameron McVey

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It's all in your head!
A brand new novella from the author of "Hold Still the Sky" and "Mat the Cat."
The psionically gifted revealed themselves to society decades ago and turned the world upside down. Carl Bacall was young then. He's seen it all. He's lived it all. The Cold Mind War. The Accords. The killbots. Now the amazing technologies that the psis helped invent have created a utopia. These altruistic contributions temper the public's fear of the psis. Things will be fine as long as the psis follow the government's regulations.
Carl is a psychic investigator. He follows the rules - mostly. He's gone out of his way to help people in need. He uses his psionic powers only on government approved and licensed missions. Years ago, the gov ordered Carl to kill three rogue psis. He took out the psis. But he didn't kill them. He trapped them in his head. They have lived there ever since. No one else knows this.
Something's gone very wrong. The other psis have all fallen into deep comas. Carl is the only one left. Just when he's about to track down the cause of this mysterious affliction the wealthiest man in the solar system shows up in his office: Horace Greenley - reclusive billionaire and techno-savant. Greenley needs Carl to save his daughter. If Carl takes the job, Greenley will tell him what's happened to all the other psis. Also, he'll show Carl how he can save himself.

This novella is a throwback to the golden age of science fiction. It's a whodunit set in a futuristic world loaded with pop culture references. A touch of Alfred Bester, a little Dashiell Hammett and a world that is both uncomfortably familiar and surprisingly new.

It's all in your head.


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