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Saucerland: the invasion and its aftermath

By Cameron McVey

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Saucerland is like no other book you've ever read. Part science fiction, part mystery, part love story. A stream of consciousness, free verse, long form narrative poem that reveals the secrets of the universe and of the human heart. A cross between "The Odyssey," "Man in the High Castle" and other classics both ancient and modern, Saucerland is the story of Sebastian and Ginny, strangers who meet under traumatic circumstances. They are destined to be either the saviors or destroyers of humankind. Filled with giant robots, flying saucers, killer androids, black-eyed agents and alien invasions, Saucerland will take you into a world you've never seen yet one that is eerily familiar. A story both startling and commonplace, innovative and prosaic, Saucerland is that book you will remember for the rest of your life - even if you hate it.

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Book Length: Novella – 60-150 Pages