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Unquiet (Unquiet Series Book 1)

By Kay Camden

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Unquiet spirits. A gathering underground war. And a love that complicates everything.

In Mick’s quiet Missouri town, strangers stand out—especially mysterious women who vandalize cars in front of the local grocery store. It’s strange, but none of Mick’s business … until he notices the woman’s busted lip. The right thing to do is offer her a ride and a place to hide out—which is how he ends up with her knife against his throat in his own apartment.

Waapikoona has nearly reached her quota of bodies to raise her sister from the dead. When it’s this easy to take her next valuable soul, she can’t say no. But she stalls killing Mick, sensing another regret she’ll have to carry in her already dark world.

Old bones are stirring underground, changing Mick. Waapikoona has crossed the circle of time, made a pact with a powerful underworld demon, and angered the thunderbirds. Mick can’t escape his new calling: stop Waapikoona and the unquiet she’s dragged into his town.


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