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Montana Countdown: A Romantic Western Adventure (The McAllister Brothers Book 2)

By Cricket Rohman

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A story-telling rancher’s own words entice two eavesdroppers to venture to his Montana ranch and search for hidden treasure.

Troy McAllister is determined to keep all the flirty, local horsewomen that frequent his ranch at a safe distance. He enjoys the attention, but a real relationship? No Way! He’s too busy overseeing his ranch, the horses, and the guests — with subtle assistance from Kitchi, a wise Native American man.

Ivy Radcliff stumbles into grave danger while spending a few weeks at the Lonely Horse Ranch. Why is she there? Carrying a heart-breaking secret, she needs a diversion, and, as a would-be novelist, she’s following a lead for a story. Love in a loft, naked bull riding, and a serious search and rescue take her by surprise.

Troy and Ivy are pleasantly shocked when intermittent sparks fly between them, but unknown evil forces are at work. A plane flies high, a gangster waits, and Ivy turns up missing. Nothing makes sense. Time is of the essence, mysteries must be solved, or people will die.


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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

Cricket Rohman