Blinded by the love of a savage 4

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Blinded by the love of a savage 4

By Thea

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Just because this is Vegas and Reign’s last book doesn’t mean that their drama is behind them. In fact, their drama is back and messier than ever. Struggling with still trying to develop a relationship with Solis, Reign is conflicted. At the same time, her pregnant, alcoholic mother is the last of her worries. Her sister being shot has her and everyone around her wondering if this is something they can make it out of.

With all of Vegas’ mess ups, Reign thinks it’s better to just file for divorce and go her own way but Vegas isn’t willing to let his wife go that easily. He knows he broke Reign’s heart but will he be able to fix the mess he made? Or is the remainder of Reign’s heart a damage he can’t repair? In this explosive finale, Vegas and Reign’s love story might be one for the books... if they can push through.


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Book Length : Novella – 60-150 Pages
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