The Bottled Gods: Shasha's Team book 3

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The Bottled Gods: Shasha's Team book 3

By Mark Albert

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Strangeness erupts in rural Tennessee when random people turn into avenging god-like killers, spouting bible verses about vengeance as they spill blood.

Shasha Harrings and her team go on an investigation starting in the hills of Tennessee with a cheap whiskey (Old Ginsler - It's the water!). Discovering a plot by a powerful witch who enlists the help of a demon, Shasha's team chases her to the northern woods of New Hampshire. They have no idea what the witch has planned, but when they find out, it's a plot that could destroy the entire country, maybe the world. Will they be able to stop it before major cities erupt in murderous riots?

The Bottled Gods is Book 3 in the Shasha's Team urban fantasy horror series. If you like fast-paced adventure, page turning paranormal stories, werewolves, witches, and vampires, you will love this third installment of M.J. Fitzmaurice's 'can't put it down' series. Get The Bottled Gods to read Shasha's Team's latest investigation today.



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