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Make your Prayers Work: A Happy Walk Book

By Rennie Du Plessis

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Prayers can produce powerful results. They will bless you and change the world around you.

  • What are the Secrets to making your prayers work?
  • Are there Power Principles that will transform prayers?

Written by an expert who taught on prayer internationally and who saw amazing results personally, this book answers these questions and more.
Here's all the distilled knowledge of years of prayer, all the Power Principles discovered. It's yours to apply and add into your prayer life.
It all started when the author called to God saying, “Teach us to pray.” This book you’re about to read is a result of that prayer.
With the Spirit as Teacher, secret after secret to effective prayer was revealed and this was life transforming and opened a life of destiny and affected the lives of millions of precious people.
Expect great things ahead of you through your prayers and actions after reading this book.


Rennie Du Plessis