Infernally Marked

Infernally Marked

By Jewels Arthur
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From this day forward you are one of us. One of the Infernal Blade. When Mara hits her limit, her foster father meets her blade and so starts her induction into a life of death and darkness. The initiation into the Infernal Blade is filled with pain and fear but what comes out on the other side is one of the most powerful creatures to walk the Earth. Years before meeting her men, Mara, living as a homeless teen meets the Elders just as her life is thrown into upheaval. With her best friend Rora by her side, Mara tries to work out what her life has become and works to come to grips with the fact that nothing will ever be the same. Infernally Marked, previously part of the Assassin Society Anthology, is the prequel to Infernally Mine, a medium burn #whychoose book that sets the stage for this epic series of death, loyalty, and love. This prequel is from Mara's point of view as a teen so there are no explicit scenes but there is foul language. Intended for mature audiences only.

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