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Life in Distortion: Surviving life with Bipolar and PTSD disorders

By J. Costello

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Life in Distortion is the true story based on the traumatic life of a young girl and her family that suffer from Bipolar and PTSD.

WARNING: VULGAR LANGUAGE - A true story all about having and living with a family that suffers from multiple illnesses. Readers will endure all the emotions felt during horrible times that the author suffered the majority of her childhood thru thirty years of life. Read about the suicidal times, the gun incidents, the abuse and much more on this nonfiction account and how the author overcame these traumas and wrote a book about it! The purpose of this book is to make readers aware of the struggles a person with disorders will endure on a daily basis and that of living with a family who have multiple illnesses as well but none knew about it until much later in life. The concept behind this book is that if you suffer from disorders you can basically still do anything to make your life better. If anyone suffers from PTSD , Bipolar, PMDD or any kind of disorder; this book is for you in hopes to inspire you and maybe even change a life for the better!


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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages