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Greg's Fertile Virgin (Milk and Honey Book 3)

By anna lores

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Raised in a sheltered home, Brianna’s new friendship with Emma Davis opens up her eyes to a sensual world she hadn’t known existed... Brianna’s body is changing in ways she doesn’t understand, so she seeks answers from Emma, the one person who knows everything there is to know about a woman’s body. When Greg Stanton discovers the love of his life has downloaded a dating app, he rushes to Brianna and finds her primed and ready for more than dating. Warning: Expect plenty of creamy milk and honey to go around, and fantasies that some may find quite naughty. Greg's Fertile Virgin is the third short story in the Milk and Honey Series of naughty and some might consider taboo contemporary romance short stories. If you like sexy milking tales of fertile, college-aged women with older men, you’re going to love Anna Lores’s risqué read. *f/f content Buy Greg's Fertile Virgin and get swept away into a sinful story that might make you have a few new fantasies of milk and honey and happily ever afters.


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