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By Kevin Vodden

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Six speculative fiction stories blending science fiction and fantasy with more than a hint of horror and a liberal infusion of macabre humour.

In 'Disarrhoea' a father recounts ten days of events following the release of an unknown contaminant outside. Trapped at home with his two young children, whose mother has gone missing, the narrative documents the decline in the health and living conditions of the family, their neighbours and contacts.

The host in 'Fearground' accompanies guests through their ordeal in the most extreme funfair in the universe.

'Terror Pericolosa' is a recorded transmission from the first landing party on Proxima Centauri b, relaying the experiences of the colonists' first three weeks on the planet to the few orbiting arks that have survived the multigenerational odyssey from a desolate Earth.

'The Matryoshka Loop' is best read without having any idea in advance of the story as it unfolds.

'Eat Thy Neighbour' is a dialogue set in a futuristic reality TV show spearheading a disturbing social revolution.

A quirky vignette, 'Credit Where Credit's Due', rounds off the 295-page collection on a light-hearted note.


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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages

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