Only Changed the Way of Speaking: 48 Psychological Conversation Skills with Anyone, Anytime, and Anywhere

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Only Changed the Way of Speaking: 48 Psychological Conversation Skills with Anyone, Anytime, and Anywhere

By Suhyang Oh

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Understand a little of psychology to moves human mind and behavior,
and then you can earn more money, make more success, get real friends and love

All conversations are psychology. Humans are 90% driven by psychology, and human psychology is 90% driven by words. Thus, understanding the psychological rules that move people’s minds and changing our way of speaking allows us to work better, and our relationships will change dramatically. If we use words properly, we can earn money, get along with our partners, and have a happy marriage. All we need is to add ‘psychology’ to our speech.

This book tells the ‘psychology of speech’ that moves people’s minds using 48 psychological skills, from the ‘Johari window’ in the mind that hinders communication to the ‘letter effect’ that excludes negative prejudices. It guides the know-how in detail about how we can make the other person behave or not when we use a certain way of speaking.

From now on, let’s change our way of speaking very slightly. That alone will positively change our life. No matter how shy or poor at speaking, if we practice with this book, we will be able to speak well enough.

Why do misunderstandings get worse the more we talk?
Every person has four windows in their mind
Misunderstanding is an instinct of people
The first impression determines the success or failure of a conversation
People see just what they want to see
The brain instinctively distinguishes between enemies and friends
The level of self-esteem determines the level of conversation
We don’t need to be angry at the other person’s lie

How do we get the other person to say ‘Yes’?
How to make up for a tongue slip immediately
Speak from the other person’s stance
Garbled words are not language
Words equal personality
Dialect breaks even at best
Vocabulary implies refinement
Broken pronunciation breaks up couples
How to increase the credibility of words
A heartfelt reaction and a soulless reaction
‘The 1-2-3 Rule of Conversation’ for the hasty-tempered People

How can we speak so as not to get ‘No’ from the other person?
Distinguish between humility and self-deprecation
A word that eats away our self-confidence, ‘seem’
A word that shows indecisiveness, ‘anything’
A word that shifts responsibility to others, ‘because’
A word that precludes the possibility, ‘wrong’
Negative words that ruin the conversation
Speaking for more than 15 seconds bores the listener
Words improving productivity, ‘I’ll watch’
How to say ‘No’ softly and clearly

How do we make others do what we want them to do through words?
Tune in to the other person’s interests
How to exclude negative preconceptions
Protect the other person’s weaknesses in advance
No matter how good the word is, stop using it if the other person dislikes
How to talk to a man from Mars and a woman from Venus
If we speak in other people’s tones, their liking for us increases
Tips to improve the accuracy of our speech
Opening our ears changes the conversation
Put your pen down and focus on the conversation

How do we make things work out smoothly through conversation?
Check the facts, filter out opinions
The reason we need to distinguish between business and everyday languages
The way of speaking that discourages motivation or enhances performance
Whether we like it or not, start with the positive words
The power of relationships sharing secrets
Words are completed in the fashion

How can we strengthen our human relationships?
Five conditions for effective criticism
Why Dale Carnegie is called an appreciation enthusiast
The comparison of strengths is ok, but the comparison of weaknesses is no
Closed questions vs. open questions
The miracle of ‘sorry’
Say what the other person wants to hear first
Abandon the syllogism


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  • ISBN: 9791197845109

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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