Hold Your Heart In Pieces

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Hold Your Heart In Pieces

By Sylvian Breker

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He was my own Edward Cullen—older, powerful, willful, and obsessed.

Desperately trying to escape an abusive relationship with her father’s charming and manipulative best friend, Alyssa Birch leaves the comfort of her home in New York to live in England with her estranged mother. But trouble finds a way of creeping back into her life, and inexplicable events now begin to twist her sense of reality.

While juggling a past that won’t leave her alone and a new obsession with the occult, she can’t help falling under the spell of a dangerous man shrouded in mystery and secrets, whose intentions toward Alyssa may be far more sinister than she can imagine.

Gritty, soulful, and unapologetically provocative, HOLD YOUR HEART IN PIECES is an unputdownable page-turner for readers who crave dark, character-driven stories with a touch of supernatural mystery.


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