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Not Alone

By Craig A. Falconer

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Aliens exist, the government knows, and Dan McCarthy just found the proof.

When Dan McCarthy stumbles upon a folder containing evidence of the conspiracy to end all conspiracies -- a top-level alien cover-up -- he leaks the files without a second thought.

The incredible truth revealed by Dan’s leak immediately captures the public’s imagination, but Dan’s relentless commitment to exposing the cover-up and forcing disclosure quickly earns him some enemies in high places.

For his whole life, Dan McCarthy has searched for a reason to believe. Now that he finally has one, he might soon wish he didn’t...


Not Alone is a multi-time Kindle Unlimited All Star title and ‘Best of 2016’ finalist. Dive in to a roller-coaster tale of contact and disclosure for the 21st century, with well over 100,000 copies sold.


  • ASIN: B019M3Z48S

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