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The Light of the Crann (The Tundra Stone Series Book 2)

By Beverley J. Hall

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Alex Chegasa’s new life as a princess is soon derailed and she is forced to hide on the Bassett moon. Here, her romance with Iggy blossoms but doubts haunt her, as she realizes the magical universe of Spirismus may not be as perfect as it appears.

Meanwhile, as Alex as she learns about her new home in the collection of planets and moons that form the magical universe of Spirismus, Billey NicNevin has reunited with her love, Geilis. Having regained her memory, she sets out to guide Alex on their joint destiny. But, knowing the price she must pay for her connection to the Crann, she must decide if love is worth more than destiny.

Hiding in the shadows, one person is determined to stop Alex’s destiny. Do Alex’s secrets threaten everybody around her?

Can they stop somebody who can’t be found?


  • ASIN: B09WPB81ZL

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