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Incredulous Moshoeshoe and the Lightning Bird

By JW Langley

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Nelson Mandela is about to die. Again.

Leftist militants and white nationalists prepare for war as a politician’s daughter is killed in mysterious circumstances. Incredulous Moshoeshoe—Goth DJ and part-time isangoma (traditional South African spirit healer)—is hired to find out what really happened.

Forced to partner with a tragically uncool white Pentecostal preacher, Incredulous must use his knowledge of local lore, his occult powers and his connections in the Goth scene to prevent a South African civil war.

Incredulous Moshoeshoe and the Lightning Bird is like Frank Peretti making out with Douglas Adams at a Black Panther rally behind a revival meeting. It’s Dracula for DJs, Supernatural for the southern African subcontinent, The Number One Goth Divination Agency for anyone brave enough to venture beyond America and Europe. Afrocentric urban fantasy, littered with onyx Easter-egg homages to horror classics, a table of contents that is also a playlist, and monsters as fresh as a highveld thunderstorm.

If you love music, myth, and mad stories, you will like this book. And if you want more Africa in your urban fantasy, you might just love it.


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