Queen Rising (Fallen Realm Book 3)

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Queen Rising (Fallen Realm Book 3)

By Joline Pearce

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The third book in an epic new adult fantasy romance trilogy about a rebellious princess, her possessive knight, and the fate of their country in the balance.

Zosia walked away from her best chance at rebuilding her country for Lorcan, but their romance quickly soured when she learned of his betrayal. Now, they're stuck with a public engagement Zosia has no intention of seeing through. He vows to win back her trust; she won't let him humiliate her a second time. 

Their reunion and country are both in ruins when Zosia and Lorcan set out to survey the damage. 

Lorcan's exploits during the war made him a living legend, overshadowing Zosia as she grapples with her legacy. Will the ancient royal line end with her? Where does Lorcan fit in this new world? The truths they discover along the way could unite them forever...or tear the young queen and her devoted knight apart for good.

Dive into this slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity contemporary fantasy romance that will grab you from the first page and stay with you long after the last. Start reading now!

This the third book in a trilogy and it ends with a Happy Ever After. Contains violence and mature themes. Content advisories available at: https://jolinepearce.com/auralia-series/content-advisories/


  • ASIN: B09X4VYTJ3

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