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The Digital Mind of Tomorrow: Rethink, transform, and thrive in a fast-changing and brutal digital world

By Isabella Wang

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No one knows, but you.

The downgrade of human intelligence is faster than the progress of machine intelligence. Modern thought and beliefs are misguided and powerless in a technology-dominated future. We are going through the most difficult change in history, with people and organizations of all kinds being overwhelmed by unprecedented levels of change and uncertainty.

Our outdated social structure collapses in the digital age. Freedom and democracy were made obsolete when "algorithms" took over all decision-making. We are ignorant of how technology affects us on a fundamental level. You've come across this book because you're an idealist looking for the meaning and purpose of all your actions.

The Digital Mind of Tomorrow is the first book to examine today's fast-changing digital landscape through the lenses of business, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality, and raises bold questions, including:

* How has technology affected society, businesses, and human behavior?
* What is the most critical danger that only a few people are well aware of?
* What is the truth, confusion, and implication of today’s digital world?
* Can digital transcendence save humanity from a disruptive, disconnected reality?
* How to break through as a fulfilled individual?

Featuring exclusive interviews with visionary thinkers from Fortune 100 companies and high-tech startups. Use this book to identify your hunches and connections to create new pathways outside of our established control, and to discover new ways of thinking and living that restore the significance and aspiration of humanity.


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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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