Slaved: Last Chance Series - 2

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Slaved: Last Chance Series - 2

By A.L. Long

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Award Winning Author of The Shattered Innocence Trilogy "I could feel her heart beat  even though we were miles away" Rescued from the only life she had ever known; Alannah Jackson learns what it means to be loved and not controlled. Finally, able to let go of her past she begins a new life with the man who has shown her what love is. Faced with the truth, Alannah finds she can never escape her past or who she is. She will never love, only serve. Roman’s love for Alannah is tested when he finds that she has been slaved by a man just as ruthless as Winston Nelson. Against his better judgement, he accepts Martin Holland’s offer to help retrain Alannah and he begins to question the love they shared.  After Martin Holland makes it clear of his intentions, Roman stops at nothing to get her back. There is no room for another man in her life. Contains adult content 18+ It is suggested that you read Bought before reading this book. Last chance Series Bought Slaved Taken Broken Freed Find more of A.L. Long's books at

  • ASIN: B07SK9B414

Book Length : Novella – 60-150 Pages

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