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Disconnected: The Broken Path

By Daniel J. Millette

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The internet is gone! And now everyone is forced to live in a world that is disconnected.

Twelve-year-old Ben Montana had a different life on the internet. His “real” life was found online. He could say and do things there that didn’t matter in person. It was great, and wonderful, and perfectly…miserable.

When the internet crashes, and severe hardships arise, thrilling events and trials force Ben into an adventure of real-world survival. In the end, Ben must confront what it truly means to be connected, and what it means to live.

Disconnected: The Broken Path is a stimulating adventure sure to entertain. Full of humor and poignant life-lessons, it is the perfect book for young adults and beyond. In a world absorbed by the internet, Disconnected: The Broken Path shows the path forward to rebuilding life – life in the real world.

If the internet crashed, and we were all forced offline, what exactly would be lost? And what might be gained?



Book Length : Novella – 60-150 Pages
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