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All Snowed In

By Lisa Cullen

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Moving back home to Lake Placid came with a set of surprises. 


Three ridiculously handsome men. 

A pregnancy test. 

And one huge scandal. 


Leaving NYC behind was a nightmare for me. 

But Charlie made me feel so much at home. 

His arms were strong, and his embrace warm. 

Too bad he was my brother’s best friend. 


That made him off-limits… 


Not just him, but also Jack, the irresistibly handsome snowboarder. 

And Ben, the protective and older mountain men. 


All three guys had control over my heart, my body, and my future.

I was smitten, and picking just one of them would deeply shatter me. 


As I held the positive pregnancy test in my hands… 

I wondered if I’d end up losing all three. 

And if my annoying brother would even let me have a happily ever after!


  • ASIN: B0B5YFT61M

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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