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Angel in Heat

By J. Hali Steele

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Good and evil walk hand in hand.

Hot, sexy times and instalove in mysterious places. Angels and demons love faster and harder for as long as they can because they know—a being more powerful can change their lives in the blink of an eye.

Raziel Eden swiftly learns to blend in with humans and demons after being cast from Heaven by a stronger archangel who, for all his holiness, should reside in Hell. Raz’s club, MystEden, is a den of iniquity frequented by beings from both realms. Earth has become his private playground and he delights in tasting its many fruits though Raziel would trade it all to travel heavenward. Then a monster from Hell walks into his club; a satanic minion who captivates Raz with beauty and innocence.

Surge Oberon possesses knowledge of many enigmas but he yearns to sit at Lucifer’s right hand wielding identical powers of an angelic counterpart, archangel Raziel, Heaven’s excommunicated keeper of secrets. He must convince Raziel to trade one confidence, a tale Surge’s master plans using to regain his throne in Heaven. What part will Surge play in Hell’s hierarchy should Satan succeed?

Two beings seeking a path home—
only one can win their battle of wits.

Contains religious themes some will find offensive. #drama #explicit #gay #HEA #instalove #lgbtq #paranormal #religerotica #shortstory


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Book Length : Novella – 60-150 Pages
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