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Inspiration Coffee And Wisdom Tea For A Hectic Day

By Peter G. Vu

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A Wonderful Companion for Your Hectic Life and a Modern Safety Shield in a Dangerous World.

Like our daily coffee and tea, I try to keep the two daily sayings and their reflections short and sweet. This book is designed simply to give us a quick spiritual boost as we try to run from one task to another on our “hectic day”. Although the short-term goal of this book is to help us get through “a hectic day” with joy and purpose, its long-term focus is to fine tune our characters and make us better people at home, at work, at worshipping place, in the neighborhood, and in other places. This world would be like Heaven if there is less fighting, arguing, and killing. We cannot get our cup of coffee, latte, or tea these days without worrying that a crazy lunatic would come in with a deadly weapon to gun us down like an animal or a bomb to blow us up. We certainly cannot enjoy anything in a world like that. This situation needs to be stopped and it begins with us. We need to talk and act differently than what we see on the news or witness in our world every day. When we can do that, we help change the world one person at the time and others hopefully will follow our example. This transformation will not only make our world a better place but also make us feel much better about ourselves.

The Covid-19 pandemic also has affected us all in every way – young and old, weak and strong, women and men. Many of us have lost a family member or friend to this virus, or known someone who has experienced this loss. A self-help book like this will give you the tools and daily exercises that can create the right condition for your body and spirit to restore itself with the divine help.


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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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