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The Beach Hut

By Jennie Alexander

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"Sweet, funny, sad and smart. Plenty of twists and difficult to set it down. Loved the ending most of all." (Amazon Reviewer)

Ella Peters hides in the distance to watch a wedding. The wedding of the man she loves.
Now she wants to run away and hide forever, and where better to go than the beautiful Hampshire coast, to her beloved beach hut?
Libby Pinkneylikes to think she has life under control. She has two well-behaved teenagers, and the biggest house in the neighbourhood with the best sea view.
But when a new neighbour appears in the old cottage next door, her well–ordered life threatens to tumble around her like a house of cards.
Ella's beach hut turns out to be a cosy home from home, a love nest as well as a place to shelter from the elements.
It plays witness to events that bring tragedy as well as joy and proves to be a welcome retreat for those who seek solace there.

"This neat book will warm the hearts of anyone who reads it......Pick this one up, you'll be glad you did!" (Amazon Reviewer)

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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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