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How Blended are Dust and Fire

By Kieran McKendrick

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At the far reaches of the Galaxy, a nomadic people known as the Dhervina come together for the Tanaiste – a gathering of all Dhervina in the sacred valley at the center of the world.

The Tanaiste occurs only once every seven years. Important decisions are made, riders race against each other for the honor of being the most daring, and lives are changed forever. Geraint of Family Tumen, kereit Halaka, Kypchak Kishyn comes of age in the summer of the Tanaiste, the gathering of all the Dhervina in the sacred valley at the center of the world.

It is the summer when he will learn if he is to be accepted as full Dherina, or banished. As he enters the valley, he discovers he has an unusual gift – the ability to hear crystal, an ability usually held only by the female Guardians of the Dhervina. Unfortunately, he was born a dhavara in a family of normal sized people and into the Dhervina, a nomadic people, who consider dhavaras to be ostuda (bad luck) and many want him banished.

Many will do anything to have him removed. The Guardians believe he is the Khevira, the one who will save the Dhervina from destruction when the second moon arrives and cracks the Gate that protects the planet from outsiders. At the same time, his sister Brys joins the Khutulun, the female-only kereit with far-reaching and shadowy powers.

In this summer of the Tanaiste, Geraint has to find his way through the maelstrom of dreams and fear to discover his place in the world when dreams and fear collide.

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