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By Rachael Dunn

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An ancient Egypt-inspired adventure from author Rachael Dunn!

Mwarthes, former assassin of the Eclipse, has earned his freedom but he made a few enemies among his former coworkers. Now that the Master no longer protects him, they’re coming after him with all the fury of hell. Good thing he’s still got his monster in a jar. There’s plenty for Hapi to eat, but as it grows, it also learns. And it’s learning quickly. He might need Ashira’s help after all.The pharaoh has died without naming an heir.

Ashira is sent to the capital to ask the deceased king who is next in line, but in a court full of intrigue and conspiracy, deciding on an heir might not be so simple. Beset on all sides by enemies, Ashira needs someone who isn’t trying to use her for their own ends. But the only one she can count on is Mwarthes, who brought a mindless monster she thought was destroyed.

But Hapi is still alive. Hapi is hungry. And Hapi has something to say.

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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

Rachael Dunn