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The Origin of Life (The Children of Time Book 2)

By Chaiene Santos

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    GOVERNING IDEA: We will become them and then, they will become us.

      story inspired by the verse of the holy bible (REVELATION 22:13): "I am
      the Alpha and the Omega. There is no one before me, neither shall there
      be after..."
      Book 1 - The Children of Time
      Book 2 - The Origin of Life
      Book 3 - The Battle of Gods
      Book 1 - Most read on Wattpad Portuguese Sci-fi. Wattys Award Winner. Trilogy with over two million reads on Wattpad

        destruction of humanity lies not in the future, but in the past.
        Several years have passed since Nicolas, Zara and Merko left behind the
        adventures in space, to have a common and quiet life on planet Earth.
        All that's left from the life among the stars are the memories and
        homesickness of the friends who are beyond time.

        the Dark Age reappears, and threatens not only the heroes of this
        story, but the future of the entire human race. Mirov manages to escape
        and transforms planet Life, a place of peace, wisdom and justice, in a
        kingdom filled with fear. And to stop him once and for all, the princess
        Isadora, now an adult, can only count on Nicolas and his family.

        final war is approaching, and nothing else will be the same. Good and
        evil will confront each other in a plot that blends past, present and
        future in a way that no one will ever forget.

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        Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

        Chaiene Santos