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Respect Me

By Nia Arthurs

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My husband is the love of my life. Gorgeous. Powerful. And full of secrets. 

I had one good year of marriage before it all went to hell.
Now, my husband smells like cheap perfume and beautiful lies.
But giving up when we’ve been through so much is unthinkable.
So when I learn of a mechanic who fixes broken relationships, I chase him down right away.
The only problem? Doc never meets with the wives.
But rules are meant to be broken and I’m desperate for help.
I need to convince the mechanic to make an exception. If not, I might lose my husband for good.
Will Doc accept me before my husband destroys our marriage completely? And even if he does, will his techniques work on a relationship this broken?


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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

Nia Arthurs